Dr Thomas Perkins 

Based in West End, Brisbane.
General Practice, Veterans Health, Aviation Medicine, Dive Medicine. 

Ph: (07) 3063 7236

Sherwood 4075, Queensland.

Dr Thomas Perkins (MBBS FRACGP BEng)  is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, and is is based out of Smart Clinics West End, and also works part-time at Allergy First Chermside. 

He practices thorough medicine with a focus on Evidence-Based medicine, science, applied with a compassionate, holistic and lifestyle approach. 

He specialises in:

  • Family medicine
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Dive Medicine
  • Veterans Health Care
  • Allergy Medicine
  • Skin Cancer Medicine

and has an interest in 

  • Sports Medicine
  • Mental Health


 – Services – 

Adult Medicine

Adult Medicine is the mainstay of General Practice, involving an interplay between phsycial and mental health.

We like implementing liftsyle medicine and evidence-based, common sense practical approaches to achieve good outcomes.


Paediatric Care is an important part of providing Family Medicine, with everything from newborn baby care to adolescent medicine required.  

We employ an interactive, fun and engaging style in order to keep your children at ease in the consult.   


As we evolve and age, so do our healthcare needs. Dr Perkins understands the requirements and complexity of managing medical and social needs of our social elders, with a view to keeping you independent in your own home, and healthy in order to maximise your life and its enjoyment. 

Aviation Medicine

A current CASA DAME and reservist Air Force Aviation Medical Officer, we offer Aviation Medicals, done smoothly and well, with the view to keep you flying while balancing Aviation Safety, in accordance with the latest best practices and CASA DAME guidelines. 

Recreational Dive Medicine

With Navy Dive Medicine experience, we are here for your recreational dive medicals, so you can experience the underwater world. 

Commercial Dive Medicine

Having done many working dive medicals in accordance with the Australian standards, we are pleased to offer Occupational Dive Medicals for working divers.  We operate to the highest standards and understand the nuances.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic Disease Management, done well through a Care Plan, is key to enabling your ongoing health care and providing good outcomes. 

We like to go through the whole chart, work out the problems and plans, and provide easy-to-understand Care Plans. 

Occupational Medicals

Workplace-specific occupational medicals involves understanding both the patients healthcare status and requirements, and mapping this onto the workplace requirements, which are unique to every workplace. 

We provide commonsense, simple approaches to achieve good outcomes 

Low Carb Weight Loss

Weight loss is actually an endocrine/hormone process, mediated through diet, exercise and good mental health. 

We specialise in providing low carb based solutions for weight loss that are safe, effective, easy to implement, and will leave you feeling and looking great! 


Mens Health

 Done accordance with the RACGP Preventative Health guidelines, we focus on cardiovascular health, mental health with a view to maximising Lifestyle measures to achieve good outcomes.

Occupational Drivers Licences

Occupational drivers licence medicals are available, in order for you to maintain your safe driving on the roads.

Done in accordance with AUSTROADS driving standards.

Private Drivers Licenses

Private driving medical certificate are available.

We do through medicals in accordance with AUSTROADS in an effort to keep you independent and driving safely and effectively.  

Skin Checks

Queesnaldn is the Skin Cancer capital of the world. Regular skin checks, which Dr Perkins bulk bills, will help you avoid the perils of skin cancer. 

Veterans Health

After hours home visits are available for regular patients of Dr Perkins, during the week. With years of experience, Dr Perkins is experienced in providing this service.  

Home Visits

Home visits form a central part of General Practice, and allow for important urgent consults to be done in the comfort of your own home, for those unable to get the practice..